Bille Eilish released her long-awaited album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? today.

With singles like Bury A Friend, When the Party’s Over and You Should See Me In A Crown, it was instantly set up for success.

The album opens with a playful joke of an ASMR-like experience; she breaks into laughter, saying she just took her Invisalign out and states, ‘This is the album.’

This then follows with the next 13 songs, unlike anything she has produced before. With flashes of a  creepy vibe behind songs such as all good girls go to hell, mixed with poppy, seemingly upbeat songs like bad guy and ilomilo, her album doesn’t stick to a specific genre.

The divergent nature of the emotions in the songs shows Eilish’s ingenious nature to generate and evoke a multitude of reactions to each one as the album plays through in full.

Her light, breathy vocals featured create a dynamically different sound give the album striking value- the music and vocals both crash together in euphonic harmony.

Swirling layers of vocals and carefully produced audio provides the listener with a beautifully crafted album that is one of a kind.



The album is out now on all supported music platforms.