Hi there!

This has been a long-awaited moment after wanting and being scared (and also being slightly lazy) to start a blog. I want a place to showcase my writing skills and improve upon them throughout the rest of the year and beyond, and I figured this is the perfect place to start!

More About Me:

My name’s Isobel, I’m 20 years old and currently studying Journalism at Macquarie University in Sydney. After a rocky start to my University life, starting off with linguistics (and switching promptly after a semester) and studying Japanese intensely, I am finally realising my true passion and what I really want to do.


People have always been interesting to me, and especially their interests, their intricacies and their deepest, darkest secrets. Journalism provides that haven for me, and I can’t wait to delve in further to the industry and rise up to the challenges that it brings.

This Blog:

I want to make this blog a place for my different interests and abilities; such as music and arts, relevant news, as well as my own interests and issues on platforms such as YouTube and other social media that relate to the every day.

The Other:

My other interests include art and photography, as well as my love for the Japanese language, which I have been studying for the past 8 years. There might be a small glimpse of this from time to time 🙂


I hope you will follow this journey along with me, I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Isobel x